Don't take our word for it:

I've struggled falling asleep my entire life. Finally, a few years ago, I got serious about it and decided to stop watching TV before bed, stop eating after 10, and wear blue light glasses.

Six months ago, I was still struggling to fall asleep & I impulsively bought these off of Facebook. Long story short, life changed. They ACTUALLY work. I can get drowsy almost on command by wearing these. I don't know how exactly they work, but I do know that it was the best money ever spent for me.

Paula S. (Facebook)

Our Mission

After sleepless night after sleepless night, we knew that normal blue light glasses just weren't cutting it. Two years (and many more sleepless nights) later, we launched SleepSpecs™.

Our mission is simple; allow people to sleep like they did before technology.

How it's meant to be.